Digital Optical Audio Optical Toslink splitter 1 in 2 out adapter HT-M002

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Digital fiber distributor

One input and two output distributors support the interchangeability between two devices, eliminating the trouble of repeated plugging and unplugging of wires, reducing the damage of the device interface caused by frequent plugging and unplugging.

Plug specification

Toslink square *3

Scope of application

This product is mainly used in set-top boxes, audio and other equipment. 

Optical Toslink Digital Audio Splitter / Adapter      

This device allows you to connect one digital audio source to two inputs. Or connect 2 Audio devices to your stereo at the same time. Toslink inputs and outputs. Lightweight and compact in size. 


 Allows you to maximize your home theater system

Allows for easy hook up of multiple components without having to switch around connections.

Please note that only 1 of your components should be powered on at a time to send a signal through this splitter. In other words power down the unit you are not using. If you don't do this your stereo will get 2 separate signals combined into 1 input and will have trouble playing the sound.

If attaching to a receiver, you will need a toslink cable to make this attachement, for a normal total of 3 toslink cables