Optical angle 90 degree 3.5mm Female Mini Jack Plug To Digital Toslink Male Audio Adapter  HT-M004

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Fiber 90 degree elbow square turn round joint

Fiber 90 degree elbow square turn round joint, square mouth (female) round round (male) / ordinary turn MINI fiber head.

Product specifications

The housing is injection molded with an ABS housing and the plug is gold plated for durability.

Scope of application

This product is mainly used in set-top boxes, audio and other equipment. 


* Toslink plug to toslink plug fiber patch cord

* Gold plated connector

* Metal shell outer diameter: 4.0/5.0/6.0mm optional

* These cables use 1mm low-loss core, low-jitter synthetic fiber and heavy metal connectors to dampen vibration, giving you the ultimate listening experience

* Optical cables transfer the signal using light, thus completely eliminating any chance for RFI,
EMI or ground loop interference


* The stylish PVC heavy 5mm jacket helps prevent cable damage and adds flexibility and durability for years of listening pleasure


* Mounded strain relief's reduce stress where cable and connectors meet

* Gold-plated ferrule prevents corrosion and provides for maximum protection of the fiber tip

* Precision polished fiber tips for maximum signal transfer (includes tip protectors)

* Connect to your DVD, CD, mini disc, DAT other digital audio equipment for clear, full and richly detailed sound