3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Cable AUX Cord for Car/Home Stereo, Headphone, iPhone, iPod, iPad HT-C001

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Aux audio cable

For the connection of car audio equipment, this AUX cable is suitable for connecting mobile phones, computers, DVDs, TVs, CD players and other devices with amplifiers and speakers and transmitting their audio signals.


Product specifications

1. Stereo DC3.5mm male to male gold plated joints, effectively reducing contact impedance and signal attenuation;

2. The exterior is made of high quality environmentally friendly TPE material, the wire is softer and more comfortable to use;

3. The outer diameter of the wire is 3.0mm, the middle copper core is high-purity oxygen-free copper, the signal transmission is better and no attenuation, and the sound quality is better.


Scope of application

1. TV, computer, CD player, VCD, DVD, MP3, card holder and other audio source sockets;

2. Interconnection between computer speakers, computers, tape drives, CD players, MP3, MP4 and other 3.5mm audio interface devices;

3. Computer link speaker amplifier;

4. MP3/MP4 is connected to the amplifier speaker device.



product name: AUX audio cable
plug: Gold plated plug
Wire gauge: 28AWG
material: High purity oxygen free copper
Outside quilt: TPE
length: 0.5M to 2M (according to customer specific requirements)