Fiber Optical Cable Gold plated connector audio cable Digital Toslink fiber optic cable HT-FB1000

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Digital optical fiber  audio cable

The digital optical fiber audio cable is an optical cable that transmits optical signals by using optical fiber as a transmission medium, and is widely used in digital devices such as CD/DVD/DAT/MD/LD/audio/amplifier.

Product specifications

1. Digital optical fiber audio cable uses light as a carrier to transmit digital audio signals without electromagnetic interference, which can effectively reduce digital time difference distortion;

2. The plug is a 24K gold-plated resin terminal, which is still perfectly matched after long-term use, so as to avoid the signal instability caused by looseness after multiple insertions and removals;

3. Native imported PVC environmentally friendly materials, soft and not easy to break. 

Product parameters

product name: Digital optical fiber audio cable
plug: 24K gold plated plug
Wire gauge: 4.0mm
Socket type: Square mouth
length: 1M to 5M (according to customer specific requirements)
colour: Local gold / bright black