100M FTTH Fiber Optic Drop Cable Patch Cord FC to FC Simplex SM FC-FC 100 Meters fiber optic Patch Cord

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100M FTTH Fiber Optic Drop Cable Patch Cord FC to FC Simplex SM FC-FC 100 Meters Drop Cable Patch Cord

Long distance and local optical transmission network, data transmission network, image transmission networks, CATV, optical test instruments, photoelectric automatic control system

The fiber optic drop cable patch cord has two connectors in each end of the cable to make connection; pigtail cable is one cable with a connector. The connectors are with SC type, ceramic ferrule to be polished as UPC . A SM convertion patch cord is with two different connector. Our produces high performance patch cord with advanced grinding tech, imported processing facilities and scale economies effected.


1. special fiber resistance to bending, provide greater bandwidth, enhance network transmission characteristics, easily reach 100 m per second,
To realize broadband, cable TV and telephone of three nets.
2. two parallel reinforcement fiber has good compression performance, protection of optical fiber.
3. fiber optic cable has simple structure, light weight, strong practicability.
4. interfaces, SC - SC, optical fiber access devices can be used directly.
5. low smoke zero halogen sheath, environmental protection and practical.

Technical specification

Item Parameters
Insertion Loss SM≤0.3dB
Return Loss PC≥45dB UPC≥50dB, APC≥60
Mating over 1000 times Variety Insertion Loss<0.20db 0="" 3db="" td="">
Temperature -40 to +85
Tensile Strength 45Kg(exclude φ0.9SM fiber)
Vibration Test <0.1dB(5-50Hz,1.5SM amplitude)

Produt Details:

1.FC-FC Singlemode Simplex 100M Drop Cable Patch cord

2.Length:100 Meters


4.Type:Tensile metal reinforcement(2 Steel Wire Strengthen)

5.Insertion Loss: Less Than 0.3dB ,Return Loss:more than 50dB